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Children’s Titles (Best of 2007)

I’m not going to read any more children’s books before December 31, so I thought I’d go ahead and post my ‘best of’ for the children’s titles I read this year. They are ranked (approximately) in order of my enjoyment of them, but that was hard to do when some of them were read 10 months ago!  The top two books also made my ‘Best of 2007′ list.

Lois Lowry is such a great children’s author.  I plan on reading much more of her!  She had four titles in my top six and five books in the top twelve.

Children’s books have accounted for 20-25% of my reading in 2007.  I like that percentage.  It’s so nice to go to a children’s title after a heavy read.  In fact, I may try to increase it to 30-33%.  As you can see, I didn’t hate any of the books I read in this category.

Well, here’s my list:

1. The Giver****1/2 by Lois Lowry (Best of 2007) (2007 Children’s Top 5)
2. Coraline****1/2 by Neil Gaiman (Best of 2007) ( 2007 Children’s Top 5)
3. Gathering Blue****1/2 by Lois Lowry (2007 Children’s Top 5)
4. Number the Stars****1/2 by Lois Lowry (2007 Children’s Top 5)
5. The Tale of Despereaux ****1/2 by Kate DiCamillo (2007 Children’s Top 5)
6. Gossamer****1/2 by Lois Lowry
7. The Princess and the Goblin****1/2 by George MacDonald
8. The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane****1/2 by Kate DiCamillo
9. The Black Pearl****1/2 by Scott O’Dell
10. The Little Prince ****1/2 by Antoine De Saint Exupery
11. The Higher Power of Lucky**** by Susan Patron
12. Messenger**** by Lois Lowry
13. Inkheart**** by Cornelia Funke
14. A Wrinkle in Time**** by Madeleine L’Engle
15. Bud, Not Buddy ****by Christopher Paul Curtis
16. The Door in the Wall**** by Marguerite de Angeli
17. Zia **** by Scott O’Dell
18. Amos Fortune, Free Man**** by Elizabeth Yates
19. Stargirl**** by Jerry Spinelli
20. Pippi Longstocking **** by Astrid Lindgren
21. The White Stag**** by Kate Seredy
22. The Xanadu Adventure ***1/2 by Lloyd Alexander
23. The Halloween Tree *** by Ray Bradbury