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Very good
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Just okay
Not for me
Definitely not for me

Worst of 2007

I’m better off not saying much about these, but if you’d to find out why I didn’t like them, click for my review. In a word, “Blech.” I most likely will not read more of these authors, except for American Pastoral by Roth because it’s a Pulitzer Prize winner.

  1. Everyman* by Philip Roth (Worst of 2007)
  2. The Sea** by John Banville (Worst of 2007)
  3. Grendel** by John Gardner (Worst of 2007)

Subscribe to Comments for WordPress

I was happy when blogger started the subscribe-to-comments e-mail feature but bummed when I didn’t think wordpress would allow it. Today, though, I think I’ve found a plug-in that will work for my site. Would somebody mind subscribing to the comments on this post and then commenting 2-3 times to see if it works? It won’t let me test it myself. Thanks!

P.S. If other wordpress users with their own domain want to add this plug-in, I got it here.