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Sunday Salon — Science

I started another project today — like I needed any others! After reading The Sister, I started wondering about other novels that included quite a bit of science in them. I have an engineering degree, so although I don’t read about it often, I do enjoy a book when science or math plays a major role. I thought about hosting a Science in Fiction Challenge, but there are so many challenges right now that I’m participating in, and I knew I didn’t have room for one more. So, the only solution was to make my idea a long term project. I know there might not be many takers, but that’s okay. We science geeks are usually introverts and off by ourselves anyway!

You might be asking yourself where you would even start with finding out about novels that are science-oriented. I didn’t know where to start either, so I googled “science in fiction” and found a great resource called At their site they talk about the very idea I had, and many of the books on their list are ones I had planned on reading at some point anyway. Some of these include Einstein’s Dreams by Alan Lightman, The Speed of Dark by Elizabeth Moon, Measuring the World by Daniel Kehlmann, Crow Lake by Mary Lawson, and Intuition by Allegra Goodman. It’s a great list to start from.

If you’re interested in this project and aren’t afraid to admit that you enjoy science, sign up by going to the project blog. Hope to see at least a few fellow science geeks there!