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Fiction Bestsellers 35 Years Ago Today

The New York Times Best Seller List
September 25, 1977


This Week/Title/Author/Last Week/Weeks On List

1 THE THORN BIRDS, by Colleen McCullough. (Harper & Row, $9.95.)
Australian family saga.
1 19

2 ILLUSIONS, by Richard Bach. (Delacorte/Eleanor Friede, $5.95.) Messiah
barnstorms Middle America.
2 15

3 THE SILMARILLION, by J.R.R. Tolkien. (Houghton Mifflin, $10.95.) Middle
Earth in pre-Hobbit days.
– 1

4 THE CRASH OF ’79, by Paul E. Erdman. (Simon & Schuster, $8.95.)
Sheiks, oil, International intrigue and skullduggery.
4 41

5 DYNASTY, by Robert S. Elegant. (McGraw-Hill, $10.95.) Saga of a Eurasian
family in Hong Kong over three generations.
3 6

6 COMA, by Robin Cook. (Little, Brown, $8.95.) Manchurian horror at the
Boston Memorial Hospital.
7 4

7 DELTA OF VENUS, by Anais Nin. (Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, $10.)
Elegant erotica written for a wealthy patron.
6 8

8 THE INVESTIGATION, by Dorothy Uhnak. (Simon & Schuster, $9.95.)
Woman accused of murdering her children.
9 3

9 THE SECOND DEADLY SIN, by Lawrence Sanders. (Putnam’s, $9.95.) Cop
tracks down a painter’s murderer.
11 2

10 FULL DISCLOSURE, by William Safire. (Doubleday, $10.95.) President
goes blind; White House intrigue.
5 10

11 OLIVER’S STORY, by Erich Segal. (Harper & Row, $7.95.) Tearless but
well-meaning sequel to “Love Story.”
8 29

12 CONDOMINIUM, by John D. MacDonald. (J.B. Lippincott, $10.) Disaster hits
Leisure Village.
10 23

13 THE RICH ARE DIFFERENT, by Susan Howatch. (Simon & Schuster,
$11.50.) They have more money.
12 5

14 FALCONER, by John Cheever. (Knopf, $7.95.) Stunning prison novel of
escape and redemption.
14 25

15 DANIEL MARTIN, by John Fowles. (Little, Brown, $12.95.) English
screenwriter reviews his life.

3 comments to Fiction Bestsellers 35 Years Ago Today

  • Wow, that’s a pathetic list! Not a single one I’d put on my tbr list!

    I watched the mini series for The Thorn Birds but was never into reading it.

    I tried to read the Silmarillion as a kid after I’d read The Hobbit and LOTR but found it discombobulating and never tried again.

    I read a few of those second, third, fourth books of Sanders in the ’80s but couldn’t tell you which ones so maybe I read #9 or maybe I didn’t.

    I did read Coma after watching the made for TV movie whenever that was.

    Haven’t even heard of most of the others!

    Hey, when you post the lists you should tell us which you’ve read or want to read!
    Nicola recently posted..Titanic Challenge Links (July-Dec)My Profile

  • PS – Why did we jump from 50 to 35 years ago? Just sayin’…

  • It’s interesting to see The Thorn Birds on this list, which I so clearly remember reading in 1977 and just reread this September with Lesley. We’re posting at the end of the month (in a few days!) about it, and comparing how we felt then to reading it now as more mature women.

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